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Servicing a new car

Block Exemption

Changes to the BER in 2002 included clauses intended to increase choice when it comes to servicing of a new car. In October 2003 European Union legislation, 'Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002' (BER) came into force.

This means that you cannot be made to have your car serviced/repaired by the dealer as a condition of warranty.

Therefore any work can be carried out by an independent garage as long as that garage uses manufacturer approved parts and correctly follows the manufacturer's service schedule

Normal maintenance and repair services during a vehicle's warranty period can be carried out without invalidating the warranty conditions.

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Maintenance and repair involves fixing any sort of mechanical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance). It also includes performing routine actions which helps to keep the car in working order (known as scheduled maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance). We at Service garage can cover all the above and are here to assist where required.